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A little cloud out of the sea, like a man's hand. (I Kings 18:44)

Hath the rain a father?  or who hath begotten the drops of dew? (Job 38:28)

He watereth the hills from His chambers. (Psalms 104:13)


I do set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between Me and the earth. (Genesis 9:13)


I have opened my mouth unto the Lord, and I cannot go back. (Judges 11:35)

Set a watch, O Lord, before the door of my lips. (Psalms 141:3)

He that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly. (Proverbs 14:29)

He that hasteth with his feet sinneth. (Proverbs 19:2)

Let not thine heart be hasty to utter any thing before God. (Ecclesiastes 5:2)


Sanctify yourselves against to morrow. (Joshua 7:13)

Speak, Lord; for Thy servant heareth. (I Samuel 3:9)

Be thou prepared. (Ezekiel 38:7)

I will send My messenger, and he shall prepare the way before Me. (Malachi 3:1)

Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make His paths straight. (Matthew 3:3)

This is he, of whom it is written, Behold, I send my messenger before Thy face, which shall prepare Thy way before Thee. (Matthew 11:10)

Elias is come already, and they knew him not. (Matthew 17:12)

Be ye therefore ready also:  for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not. (Luke 12:40)

Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest. (John 4:35)


Thou hast overthrown them that rose up against Thee:  Thou sentest forth Thy wrath, which consumed them as stubble. (Exodus 15:7)

Your murmurings are not against us, but against the Lord. (Exodus 16:8)

Rebel not ye against the Lord, neither fear ye the people of the land. (Numbers 14:9)

They are a perverse and crooked generation. (Deuteronomy 32:5)

God forbid that we should rebel against the Lord. (Joshua 22:29)

Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. (I Samuel 15:23)

I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house. (II Samuel 12:11)

Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God. (Romans 13:2)

They that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. (Romans 13:2)


Thou shalt give life for life, Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. (Exodus 21:23-25)

Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee. (Numbers 24:9)

Do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother. (Deuteronomy 19:19)

As they did unto me, so have I done unto them. (Judges 15:11)

The Lord is with you, while ye be with Him. (II Chronicles 15:2)

They shall be My people, and I will be their God. (Jeremiah 24:7)

Turn ye unto Me, saith the Lord of hosts, and I will turn unto you. (Zechariah 1:3)

All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them. (Matthew 7:12)


Redeem us for Thy mercies' sake. (Psalms 44:26)

Fear not:  for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art Mine. (Isaiah 43:1)

With his stripes we are healed. (Isaiah 53:5)

Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world. (John 1:29)

The bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world. (John 6:51)

Christ hath redeemed us from the curse for the law. (Galatians 3:13)

We have redemption through His blood, even the forgiveness of sins. (Colossians 1:14)

The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin. (I John 1:7)


It repented the Lord that He had made man on earth. (Genesis 6:6)

Ye shall lothe yourselves in your own sight for all your evils that ye have committed. (Ezekiel 20:43)

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 24:51)

He found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears. (Hebrews 12:17)


Put on the new man. (Ephesians 4:24)

Let him that stole steal no more:  but rather let him labour, working with his hands. (Ephesians 4:28)

He which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death. (James 5:20)


Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I, even I, am against thee. (Ezekiel 5:8)

Ye are not My people, and I will not be your God. (Hosea 1:9)

He that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth Him that sent me. (Luke 10:16)

He that denieth me before men shall be denied before the angels of God. (Luke 12:9)

Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity. (Luke 13:27)

Whom He hath sent, Him ye believe not. (John 5:38)


It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. (Psalms 118:8)

A wicked messenger falleth into mischief:  but a faithful ambassador is health. (Proverbs 13:17)

He that sendeth a message by the hand of a fool cutteth off the feet. (Proverbs 26:6)

The mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but My kindness shall not depart from thee. (Isaiah 54:10)


Let not him that is deceived trust in vanity:  for vanity shall be his recompence. (Job 15:31)

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. (Psalms 23:1)

Unto Thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul. (Psalms 25:1)

In Thee, O Lord, do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed. (Psalms 31:1)

Our soul waiteth for the Lord:  He is our help and our shield. (Psalms 33:20)

Blessed is that man that maketh the Lord his trust. (Psalms 40:4)

Trust ye not in lying words. (Jeremiah 7:4)

Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord. (Jeremiah 17:5)

Let me see Thy vengeance on them:  for unto Thee have I opened my cause. (Jeremiah 20:12)

Without me ye can do nothing. (John 15:5)

Our sufficiency is of God. (II Corinthians 3:5)


Forget not the Lord thy God.  (Deuteronomy 8:11)

They may forget, yet will I not forget thee. (Isaiah 49:15)

They consider not in their hearts that I remember all their wickedness. (Hosea 7:2)

This is my body, which is broken for you:  this do in rememberance of me. (I Corinthians 11:24)

This cup is the new testament in my blood:  this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me. (I Corinthians 11:25)


Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. (Genesis 9:1)

He restoreth my soul. (Psalms 23:3)

A time to break down, and a time to build up. (Ecclesiastes 3:3)

Come, and let us join ourselves to the Lord. (Jeremiah 50:5)

Turn Thou us into Thee, O Lord, and we shall be turned; renew our days as of old. (Lamentations 5:21)

Be renewed in the spirit of your mind. (Ephesians 4:23)

Behold, I make all things new. (Revelation 21:5)


I have sinned this time:  the Lord is righteous, and I and my people are wicked. (Exodus 9:27)

It is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul. (Leviticus 17:11)

Make confession unto Him. (Joshua 7:19)

Turn again unto the Lord. (II Chronicles 30:9)

Fear the Lord, and depart from evil. (Proverbs 3:7)

By the fear of the Lord men depart from evil. (Proverbs 16:6)

Put away the evil of your doings from before Mine eyes. (Isaiah 1:16)

Cease to do evil. (Isaiah 1:16)

Turn thou unto Me. (Jeremiah 3:7)

Come, and let us return unto the Lord. (Hosea 6:1)

It is time to seek the Lord. (Hosea 10:12)

Seek the Lord, and ye shall live. (Amos 5:6)

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. (Matthew 4:17)

I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Matthew 9:13)

Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:3)

Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost. (Luke 15:6)

Joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance. (Luke 15:7)

There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth. (Luke 15:10)

When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. (Luke 22:32)

Repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name among all nations. (Luke 24:47)

Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ. (Acts 2:38)

The goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance. (Romans 2:4)

Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent. (Revelation 2:5)

Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly. (Revelation 2:16)


How are the mighty fallen! (II Samuel 1:19)

A good name is better than precious ointment. (Ecclesiastes 7:1)

A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house. (Matthew 13:57)

Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! (Luke 6:26)

Ye know that our record is true. (III John 1:12)


The excellency of dignity. (Genesis 49:3)

Honour the face of the old man. (Leviticus 19:32)

My people shall know My name. (Isaiah 52:6)

A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house. (Matthew 13:57)

If I honour myself, my honour is nothing:  it is my Father that honoureth me. (John 8:54)

Walk honestly toward them that are without. (I Thessalonians 4:12)

Fear God.  Honour the king. (I Peter 2:17)

Submit yourselves unto the elder. (I Peter 5:5)


Hast thou not procured this unto thyself, in that thou hast forsaken the Lord thy God? (Jeremiah 2:17)

The soul that sinneth, it shall die. (Ezekiel 18:4, 20)

Let the dead bury their dead. (Matthew 8:22)

Every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. (Matthew 12:36)

Unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required. (Luke 12:48)

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much. (Luke 16:10)

Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. (Luke 23:34)

The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep. (John 10:13)

Feed my lambs. (John 21:15)

Feed my sheep. (John 21:16, 17)

Bear ye one another's burdens. (Galatians 6:2)

Every man shall bear his own burdens. (Galatians 6:5)


When ye go, ye shall not go empty. (Exodus 3:21)

If the thief be found, let him pay double. (Exodus 22:7)

Whom the judges shall condemn, he shall pay double unto his neighbour. (Exodus 22:9)

He shall make amends for the harm that he hath done. (Leviticus 5:16)

He shall restore that which he took violently away. (Leviticus 6:4)

He that killeth a beast shall make it good; beast for beast. (Leviticus 24:18)


The desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose. (Isaiah 35:1)

The eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. (Isaiah 35:5)

Then shall the lame man leap as an hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing. (Isaiah 35:6)


Return every man to his house; for this thing is from Me. (I Kings 12:24)

Ye shall not go up, nor fight against your brethren. (II Chronicles 11:4)

He that is slow to anger appeaseth strife. (Proverbs 15:18)

It is an honour for a man to cease from strife. (Proverbs 20:3)

Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles. (Proverbs 21:23)

I will not ask, neither will I tempt the Lord. (Isaiah 7:12)

Unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other. (Luke 6:29)


He will swallow up death in victory. (Isaiah 25:8)

Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust. (Isaiah 26:19)

The third day He shall rise again. (Matthew 20:19)

God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. (Matthew 22:32)

He is risen. (Matthew 28:6)

After that He is killed, He shall rise the third day. (Mark 9:31)

They shall mock Him, and shall scourge Him, and shall spit upon Him, and shall kill Him:  and the third day He shall rise again. (Mark 10:34)

They are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God. (Luke 20:36)

Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. (John 2:19)

The hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear His voice. (John 5:28)

They that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation. (John 5:29)

Thy brother shall rise again. (John 11:23)

I am the resurrection, and the life. (John 11:25)

Lazarus, come forth. (John 11:43)

I am He that liveth, and was dead. (Revelation 1:18)

I am alive for evermore. (Revelation 1:18)


Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed. (Genesis 9:6)

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot. (Exodus 21:24)

The Lord shall return thy wickedness upon thine own head. (I Kings 2:44)

I will bring evil upon thee, and will take away thy posterity. (I Kings 21:21)

The sword of the Lord. (I Chronicles 21:12)

Let the wicked fall into their own nets. (Psalms 141:10)

He that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. (Revelation 13:10)


No man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son reveal Him. (Matthew 11:27)

Flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 16:17)

I that speak unto thee am He. (John 4:26)

I speak to the world those things which I have heard of Him. (John 8:26)

I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me. (John 12:49)

He that hath seen me hath seen the Father. (John 14:9)

All things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you. (John 15:15)

I have appeared unto thee for this purpose, to make thee a minister and a witness. (Acts 26:16)


Thou shalt give life for life, Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. (Exodus 21:23-25)

Turn their reproach upon their own head. (Nehemiah 4:4)

Destroy Thou them, o God; let them fall by their own counsels. (Psalms 5:10)

Keep not Thou silence, O God:  hold not Thy peace. (Psalms 83:1)

God, to whom vengeance belongeth. (Psalms 94:1)

Take vengeance upon her; as she hath done, do unto her. (Jeremiah 50:15)

Do unto them, as Thou hast done unto me. (Lamentations 1:22)

As thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee. (Obadiah 1:15)

God is jealous, and the Lord revengeth. (Nahum 1:2)

Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. (Matthew 5:39)

Unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other. (Luke 6:29)

The Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them. (Luke 9:56)

Vengeance belongeth unto Me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. (Hebrews 10:30)

The great winepress of the wrath of God. (Revelation 14:19)


Thou shalt fear the Lord thy God; Him shalt thou serve, and to Him shalt thou cleave, and swear by His name. (Deuteronomy 10:20)

Fear the Lord, and serve Him, and obey His voice. (I Samuel 12:14)

As the heaven is high above the earth, so great is His mercy toward them that fear Him. (Psalms 103:11)

Every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. (Philippians 2:11)

Fear God, and give gloryto him; for the hour of His judgment is come. (Revelation 14:7)


The elder shall serve the younger. (Genesis 25:23)

Exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high. (Ezekiel 21:26)

The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner. (Mark 12:10)

He that is least among you all, the same shall be great. (Luke 9:48)

Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils. (Revelation 18:2)


If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? (Genesis 4:7)

In thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed My voice. (Genesis 22:18)

If ye will obey My voice indeed, and keep My covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto Me above all people:  for all the earth is Mine. (Exodus 19:5)

I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be My people. (Leviticus 26:12)

The Lord render to every man his righteousness and his faithfulness. (I Samuel 26:23)

Ask what I shall give thee. (I Kings 3:5)

I have also given thee that which thou hast not asked, both riches, and honour. (I Kings 3:13)

Blessed are the meek:  for they shall inherit the earth. (Matthew 5:5)

Great is your reward in heaven. (Matthew 5:12)

Thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. (Matthew 6:6)

Every one that asketh receiveth. (Matthew 7:8)

According to your faith be it unto you. (Matthew 9:29)

Freely ye have received, freely give. (Matthew 10:8)

He shall reward every man according to his works. (Matthew 16:27)

To sit on my right hand, and on my left, is not mine to give, but it shall be given to them for whom it is prepared of my Father. (Matthew 20:23)

He that hath, to him shall be given:  and he that hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he hath. (Mark 4:25)

Seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Luke 12:31)

When thou makest a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind:  And thou shalt be blessed; for they cannot recompense thee. (Luke 14:13-14)

Thou shalt be recompensed at the resurrection of the just. (Luke 14:14)

He that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal. (John 4:36)

If any man serve me, him will my Father honour. (John 12:26)

To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna. (Revelation 2:17)

And I will give him the morning star. (Revelation 2:28)

They shall walk with me in white:  for they are worthy. (Revelation 3:4)

Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in teh temple of my God. (Revelation 3:12)


And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich  man to enter into the kingdom of God.  (Matthew 19:24)


Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness. (Judges 14:14)

What is sweeter than honey?  and what is stronger than a lion? (Judges 14:18)


O Lord, righteousness belongeth unto Thee. (Daniel 9:7)

Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy. (Hosea 10:12)

Do justly. (Micah 6:8)

It becometh us to fulfil all righteousness. (Matthew 3:15)

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:  for they shall be filled. (Matthew 5:6)

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake:  for their's is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5:10)

He that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward. (Matthew 10:41)

If ye were Abraham's children, ye would do the works of Abraham. (John 8:39)

The just shall live by faith. (Romans 1:17)

All unrighteousness is sin. (I John 5:17)

They shall walk with me in white:  for they are worthy. (Revelation 3:4)

Just and true are Thy ways, Thou King of saints. (Revelation 15:3)

Behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True. (Revelation 19:11)


Is not this the blood of the men that went in jeopardy of their lives? (II Samuel 23:17)

With the jeopardy of their lives they brought it. (I Chronicles 11:19)

Why stand we in jeopardy every hour? (I Corinthians 15:30)


Hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? (I Samuel 15:22)

To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice. (Proverbs 21:3)

To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices unto Me? (Isaiah 1:11)

Bring no more vain oblations. (Isaiah 1:13)


Thou shalt not steal. (Exodus 20:15)

If the thief be found, let him pay double. (Exodus 22:7)

Rob not the poor, because he is poor:  neither oppress the afflicted in the gate. (Proverbs 22:22)


The way of an eagle in the air; the way of a serpent upon a rock; the way of a ship in the midst of the sea; and the way of a man with a maid. (Proverbs 30:19)

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth:  for thy love is better than wine. (Song of Solomon 1:2)

Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. (Song of Solomon 2:10)

I am my beloved's, and his desire is toward me. (Song of Solomon 7:10)

Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm. (Song of Solomon 8:6)