Jerusalem 30 A.D. History

"Jerusalem 30 A.D. is all about Priorities,
serving God while meeting the needs
of the millions of people who will enter its gates."

-Melvin Wilcox

We are mourning the loss of our founder & C.E.O. of Jerusalem 30 A.D., Melvin Wilcox.  He had a wonderful dream for many years.  He worked to fulfill that dream of building the City of Jerusalem in America.  Many friends & more who are believers joined him in this dream.  His dream was not to be during his lifetime.  In founding the dream, he dedicated this website to that dream.  This website will continue and is dedicated to his memory.  His Family will continue to carry the torch.  Melvin's Family (Tambra, Andrew & Janet Wilcox) run this site and will gladly listen to your stories, Prayer Requests and answer your Biblical questions or any other questions you may have.

We thank you for your faithfulness to the site and it?s founder.
He was a wonderful Father, Grandfather, Friend and C.E.O.
We know that he is in Heaven with God.

Stay steadfast in your walk with God
and we Bless you for being you, one of God?s children.

May God Bless Us All

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