Miscellaneous Bible Trivia Questions

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In what year do most experts believe Jesus was crucified?

What is not only the shortest Scripture in the New Testament, but one that shows the humanity of Jesus Christ?

What name did Jesus give to the Apostle Peter?

What was (the husband of Mary) Joseph's occupation?

Name the Prophet who had the greatest impact on the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Name the musical instrument played by David.

Upon what animal did Jesus ride when He made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem on what is now known as Palm Sunday?

By what name did the people of Lystra call Barnabas?

Who was the reigning Emperor of Rome at the time of Christ's death?

What is one of the most important archaeological finds in history, with identical inscriptions in 3 languages, Hieroglyphic, Demotic and Greek?

How many temples stood successively on Mt. Moriah & who built them?


Name the original 12 Apostles.

How many times does the word Immanuel occur in the Bible?

What was Peter's occupation?

What was Paul's Hebrew name?

What was Paul's occupation?

Name the town where Jesus' Headquarters was during His Ministry in Galilee.

Name the three Apostles Jesus chose to be present at the transfiguration.

The ruins of the Biblical City of Babylon is located in what modern day country?

It is written that Enoch walked with God.  It is also written that one other person walked with God.  Who is that person?

The son of Amoz was a Famous Prophet.  Name this Prophet.


Jerusalem is often called in the historical books and once in the propheticl writings, "the city of David."  This title is later, on one occasion, applied to what other city?

What was the relationship between Andrew and Peter?

Lazarus had 2 sisters.  What were their names?

How many years did Pontius Pilate serve as Procurator?

What did Abel, Rachel and David have in common?

What does the name Immanuel mean?

By what other name was Thomas known?

What does the name Barnabas mean?

Who was the Roman Procurator at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus?

Noah was the    ?    generation in descent from Adam.